Welcome to the Norwegian GS meeting website.

The meeting will bee held at Finnskogen just outside the town Kongsvinger in the south-eastern part of Norway on the 09 th to 11 th of September 2011

In according to allroad-mc's philosophy, there won't be a lot og organizing, but plenty of driving pleasure and a relaxed atmosphere. There will however be some organized activities to attend.

It doesn't matter what kind of driving skills or what kind of GS you ride. There's plenty of asphalt and gravel roads for both experienced and not so experienced riders. If you wish to try out your and your bike's limits, it is possible in a secure aerea.

The Norwegian GS meeting started in 2002 with a few enthusiast. The campsite was private, provided by a friendly landowner. In 2002 GS riders from Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands participated. In 2003 the meeting started to grow, mainly because of our Sweedish neighbours who participated to the tune of approximately 25 bikes in 2003, which was close to the limit for the old campsite. We knew, that if the meeting should develope, we needed a campsite with infrastructure such as toilets, showers etc.

Allroad-mc explored the local possibilities, and the meeting is now located at Dragonmoen Camping by lake Moekeren approximately 25 kilometer outside Kongsvinger. The new location is in the same area as the old one.

You will find various information about the meeting in this site. If you have any questions, the organizer can be contacted by e-mail: gstreff@allroad-mc.com


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