The campsite is located at Dragonmoen Camping by lake Moekeren in the forest called Finnskogen, approximately 25 kilometer outside the town Kongsvinger in the south-easten part of Norway. Finnskogen has got it’s name by all the immigrants from Finland who lived there for several hundred years. (some still do)

The campsite lies almost directly into the forest, and has beatiful view towards the lake. You can go swimming if you want to. Allroad-mc has the disposal of part of the campsite in a cordoned-off area. There will be few other guests at the campsite. Our area is big, and the groundsheet is grass.

Allroad-mc also has the disposal of a big barn. If the weather is not so good, it’s possible to bring your sleeping gear inside the barn. The barn also comtains a resaurant area and a bar we can use, but there will not be any service.

If you would like to rent a cabin, there’s three cabins inside the area. You can rent one of theese by contacting the campsite directly. Phonenumber, e-mailadress, and a link to the campsites homepage is at the bottom of this page, where you also will find the campsite’s GPS waypoint. Remember to state that you are participating in the Norwegian GS meeting 2004.

It is not possible to pay the registration fee directly to the campsite, and the fee for cabins ets. will be extra. Participants will have access til the campsites sanitary installation. Showers will be accessible at extra fee. ( 10.-/3min.) The campsite does NOT accept creditcard such as VISA or similar, so you MUST bring Norwegian currency.

The area in wich the campsite is located has very nice roads. The roads are of all standards and types, and many of them enter Sweden. There’s a larger asphalt road in connection to the campsite.

The distance to Kongsviger is app. 25 kilometer, to Torsby (S) app. 50 kilometer, to Austmarka app. 15 kilometer, and to Oslo (capitol of Norway) there’s app. 120 kilometer.

There will be a grill available at the campsite for our common good every evening.