The south-eastern part of Norway has several areas worth a visit. Soloer / Odal, Kongsvinger / Finnskogen have lots og sights.

Creek Sikaa in near the campsite. Here you can see the remnants of an old timber mill, nail works and milling.

In Kongsvinger there is an old fortress with museum, and several old forts along Glomma, Norway’s longest river. Kongsvinger also has the only museum in Norway that is women-oriented.

In South – Odal Odals Verk is worth a visit. So is Gravberget in the northern part of Finnskogen. In Eidskog is a museem with showing items and history of the pilots that helped refugee escape to Sweden during WW2. Here is also the Soot channel, witc was used to transport timber to the coas.

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Austmarka(local community)

Kongsvinger Kommune(local municipal)

Glaam – Dalen(local newspaper)

Our city(local information about Kongsvinger)

NRK Hedmark og Oppland (state broadcasting system)